Participation Grade

The Participation grade relates to the research and collection of information needed to put the yearbook together including interviews, writing, and photography. Students receive points for completing certain activities. Their goal is to get at least three hundred points before the end of the quarter. The quarter is divided into three grading periods.

grade chart

Students can receive credit for up to two of each different kinds of assignments per three week grading period. That is, students can do no more than two interviews, two daytime photo shoots, and two after school photo shoots. Students can get credit for only one article per three week grading period (articles are available in the third quarter only). This forces students to do a variety of assignments throughout each three week grading period.

If students fail to achieve 100 points in one three week grading period, students can make up some or all of those points by exceeding 100 points in another grading period. However, students should not wait until the last days of a grading period to complete work as photography assignments and interviews may not be readily available.