History Podcast


The podcast is now up and running. Go to iTunes or Google Play and search for Door24 History and subscribe. It is free! These podcasts are designed to offer additional information about important people and events contributing to United States history. They are also intended to stimulate a greater interest in the subject of history.

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Work In Progress

It has been twelve years since the adoption of the last history textbook. At the end of the last school year, the covers were coming off the books and the pages were falling away from the spine. Now, we have a new textbook. Of course, that means building a new curriculum for the classroom and adding new content to the website. This will be an ongoing project for this school year and beyond.

Useful Links

PDF Files

This site uses the .pdf file format for several links to pages and worksheets. This format allows for a better transfer of documents from word processors to the Internet and allows for easy and more accurate printing. If you need a copy of the program to access the .pdf format or need to update an older version, go to Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is free.

The Countdown

School is only here for a limited time. The clock is ticking down to Summer Break. Enjoy the school year while it lasts.