How To: Vocabulary

Every subject has its own language to describe concepts unique to its topics. History is no exception. The vocabulary assignments will require students to define given terms so that they can better understand the topics presented to them.

When doing this or any assignment, be as neat as possible. Organization and clear handwriting improves understanding of the material. Students must use only information from the textbook and from People to Know/Vocabulary sheets.

Step One

On the selected page, write the title Vocabulary at the top of the notebook page. On the bottom outside corner—the corner farthest from the notebook spine—write the page number. The page number will be the number of the lesson and a capital letter for the page number. For example, page 2C stands for lesson 2, page C.

vocabulary heading

Step Two

Cut out and paste no more than three terms on the left side of the page. You can paste the entire column of vocabulary without having to individually cut and paste each term box.

vocabulary terms

Step Three

Next to each term box, students will write the definition of the term in their own words in ten words or less.

vocabulary definitions


Vocabulary is an activity that expands the lexicon of students through the study of historical events. The assignment also develops the skill of summarizing information into language that students can understand and remember.