Notebook Examples

There are many different types of notebook assignments. Included below, are a few that appear regularly in each lesson. These assignments are also similar to many of the other seldom seen assignments. If you need examples of what a good, completed assignment looks like, scroll down.

Three Column

This assignment requires answers to questions about three different subjects that have something in common. Use bullet points for each entry. Be specific. Avoid pronouns whenever possible.

three column assignment example

When the instructions ask to give a list, short answers are acceptable as seen in the Suppliers column.

three column assignment example


Using the given information, fill in the empty boxes in each row. Many of the boxes will contain short answers. Usually the last box on the right is more detailed information.

three column assignment example three column assignment example

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect or Before and After assignments require students to examine an event and look at what caused the event and what came of the event. Students must use a term from the Word Bank to complete the sentence in each box. A term can only be used once and there will be several false choices—terms not used.

three column assignment example


Students need to answer the question left of the empty box. Answers should contain specific details. Use names of people, places, events, and times. Avoid pronouns.

three column assignment example


Always read the instructions of each assignment. Ask questions before starting the assignment to avoid costly mistakes. Finally, read over the finished work checking for accuracy. Do you have all the answers? Does the writing make sense? Is the spelling correct? Turn in the work on time.