Advisory Notes Weeks 1 & 2

Friday, August 21

Schedule for Castro Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA).

A video on how to stay organized during distance learning.

Thursday, August 20

Links for staying healthy and sane.

Wednesday, August 19

These are links about accessing Google apps including Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc.

The Creekside website is available for you. Take a look at what the library has to offer in online resources.

Tuesday, August 18

The Aeries Portal Walkthrough is made by another school district. Do not let that confuse you.

If you are having difficulties with your Chromebook, you can look here for information and request help.

Monday, August 17

Friday, August 14

Thursday, August 13

The counseling department introduces themselves.

During the asynchronous period (10:00-12:00), students should go to each link and watch the videos and go through the slide show. For the CVUSD slide show, students only need to read each slide. There will be no online practice.